North American High Tops

Which top should I pick?

Not to eliminate questions, but rather to assist folks in determining their best choice between the tops, here are a few "deciders"

Given that the headroom in the tops is 6' 10" for the "high" hightop (NAHT) and 6'4" for the AW top, and given that the front storage volume is virtually identical for each and further given that one of the nicest things a hightop provides is the ability to stand up in your van like a human being and move around ... then ..

 1. How tall are you?  If the 76" of the AW top is adequate then move on to the next decider as either top would work for you.

2. Do you intend to use the rear upstairs "loft" primarily for storage? If so, either top provides huge volume for storing stuff - move on to the next decider.

3. Do you intend to use the "upstairs loft" for sleeping accommodation on a regular basis? If so, then recognize the limitations of the AW top in terms of providing headroom. The extra height available by using the NAHT makes a more comfortable"upstairs" sleeping area. The AW top may be considered to provide adequate height for occasional use now and then but IMHO it would not be OK for sustained use for sleeping.

4. Interior finish - The AW top has an available inner fibreglass shell. Thus the interior finish is a white shiny gel coat finish. Easy to clean and keep clean.  The NAHT must be finished on the inside with some sort of carpeting, hull liner or even thin wood veneer on the inside of the insulation.

5. Front storage area bulkhead. There is an available fibreglass bulkhead for the AW top. Not so for the NAHT top. A bulkhead must be fabricated at the time of install for the NAHT top but it should be noted that even for the AW top, fabricating a door to the individuals specifications has to be done.

6. Cost : the AW top set more expensive than the NAHT because of the inner shell and bulkhead.

7. Installation costs: Depends considerably on the nature of the install, but, generally, the AW top will cost more to install if one is having it done by an installer.


Deciding between the tops 

Currently this is a non-decision

We have stopped production of the AW top and have no plans to renew it. We do, however, have plans to produce an updated variation of the AW top but actual production of those tops is at least 18 months to 2 years away

as of June 2019