North American High Tops

IWe are very happy and proud to have established installation and distribution availability in many areas of North America. 

It is very important in terms of sustainability that the installer/distributor locations not (generally) be too close to one another.  Nor can they be so far spread out to make the acquisition of a top geographically impossible. The tops have always, and will always present challenges in terms of getting them into the hands of the installers. Simply put, multiple tops delivered to relatively few installers allows lowest shipping costs and lowest prices for tops to buyers.

From East to west: For more about each installer, click the Installers and Distributors page.

Regional Installers and Distributors

We currently have installer/distributors in the following areas/locations


North East : Chester Basin Nova Scotia

Jeff Hogue - JeffsOldVolksHome

Mid East USA  Staunton Virginia

Valley Westys - Paul Philippy, Keith McDonald

Southern Ontario, Canada

Adrian VanLoewen

Springdale Arkansas

Paul Williams - Flat Out Garage

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Joel Lane - Green Syncro

Flagstaff, Arizona

Andrew Libby

Sebastopol, California

Kevin Gratton - VeeDubDaySpa

Vancouver, Washington

Justin Hall - Streamline Audio

Kennewick, Washington

Mike Shaffer -