North American High Tops

We have an arrangement for tops to be delivered and installed in the American South West, Mid West, Pacific North West, S.F. Bay area of California, and the  Eastern Seabord. See the various regions for details.

The tops can be shipped anywhere, but crating and shipping is expensive due to the bulk of the tops. We strongly encourage folks to arrange to pick up their top from one of our distributor/installers.

A significant number of folks have inquired about adding racking to their hightops to carry "boards" of all types or kayaks on the sides or top.  I have developed a very strong racking system for hightops. See the page re "hightop racks"



The NAHT  top

These tops are produced here in North America by our fibreglass fabricator,Terry Hynes, at his facility in Lakefield Ontario.

The mold for these tops is a new mold - the first new mold for T3 tops in over 15 years. 

The AdventureWagen Top

see the website pages re. the AW top