North American High Tops

If I'm not competent enough to install the roof myself ........                   If you tell me what type of work on your westy that you typically do and feel comfortable with, then I can give you my opinion as to whether I think that you would be able to do the install.

 I've already got a hole in my top -- I've got a Westy and thinking of going to a fixed top to
 make stealth camping easier/more comfortable.
A high top just simply makes the entire camping experience sort of more civilized - space up top to stow all of the bulky stuff - sleeping bags, pillows, clothing etc that otherwise takes up space "on the main floor" when travelling. Sure has advantages for stealthing as well.
If you currently have a westy it is very simple install although more time consuming than putting a top on a van. The extra time is necessary to remove the westy roof.


If I don't feel comfortable DIYing my top, how much would an installer charge ?

See the previous question wrt what is involved in an installation. Then, using your local shop rates as a guide you can estimate about how much an install would cost.  Check with the installer closest to you for what they would charge and i think that you will be pleasantly surprised

What are the windows options?  I'm not interested in fixed windows on the side of the shell.  I want windows that open and shut.  Do you know of options for this? Also, I want bigger windows for viewing and air flow.  What are the options for bigger windows?-

We have sourced and supply very high quality horizontal sliding windows for the NAHT hightops.  The windows are made for us by the leading manufacturer of windows for the RV industry, The windows provide lots of light and great ventilation.. The power vent is not included with the NAHT hightop. There are many vent options available and it is far more cost effective for folks to source and supply the vent of their choice relative to us having a vent drop shipped and then marking it up. Folks make arrangements with an installer  or bring their choice of vent with their van to the install or - of course - use their choice of vent in their DIY install. Virtually all vents fit a 14 X 14" opening