North American High Tops

We are very fortunate to be able to add Terry Hynes as one of our installers. 

Terry is the highly skilled fabricator of our NAHT hand laid hightops,  a very skilled marine repair technologist and a life long "car guy"

Terry and his family operate Toth Marine in Lakefield Ontario

Terry and I recently did an install together and through it all I was continually impressed with his skill level and attention to the principles of the install and attention to detail

Terry will be doing installs in  2 or 3 "time windows" throughout the year. In each 2 week "time window"  Terry will be installing up to 3 NAHT tops on 3 vans in order to optimize the efficiencies provided by repeating stages of install sequentially.  Inasmuch as NAHT installation virtually "takes over"  his entire shop, doing multiple installs in a 2 week "window" rationalizes shutting down his marine repair business for the time interval.

There is a "time window "  4th week of May-first week of June 2022 that now has 2 of the 3 "slots" booked. The third slot is still available as of March 11 2022 - contact me if interested.

AS of May 6 2022 all of the available install slots for this "window" have been taken

**** The cost of the installs done in the May-June 2022 install window will be based on the selling price of the tops from the previous NAHT run ($3200 USD)  Installations in future "windows" will be based on the current $4500USD selling price. 

Terry can be reached through me at

Southern Ontario Installer

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