North American High Tops

We are very proud of the group of installers who have come forward and become installers of hightops for our North American Vanagon community. Each brings a unique skill set to the job, but all share the common passion of helping folks fashion their T3 to their desires and creating their ultimate touring machine

Pacific North West

Justin Hall 
 Justin has been a long time vanagon owner, converter, modifier and Streamline Audio is a very "top end" supplier and installer of all things electronic for vehicles.
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Installers / Distributors 


Mountain - Colorado Springs Colorado

Joel Lane - "green syncro"
Joel  has been a vanagon enthusiast for the last 12 years. Joel works on Vanagons full time doing Subaru and TDI engine conversions, as well as camper conversions and parts sales at his shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. . You may have seen his posts on TheSamba under the username Escorial Syncro, or on the Yahoo groups under Joelwesty.  Joel can be contacted through his website    mountainavailability.html


South West U.S.A. Flagstaff Arizona

Andrew Libby is one of our VW van communities' most knowledgeable and respected members.He is one of the few true Vanagon diesel gurus in North America. He will be distributing and installing tops at his facility in Flagstaff Arizona.


Other installers - I'd like to add installers in the general geographic areas as follows:

 -   Salt Lake City, Columbus Oh.,Atlanta Ga.,Des Moines Io.


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California                 VeeDub Day Spa   Garberville, CA

Kevin Gratton

Working with VWs is a passion of mine borderline obsession. It all started with Oliver, a bay window I bought 10 years ago. And since, I've owned a variety of Vanagons including my beast love, Syncro. (Currently awaiting a hightop)  I got the opportunity to work along side a master mechanic for some years in Idaho, doing everything from tune ups and oil changes to rebuilding motors. I have learned many skills needed to be patient and get the job done right. Along the way I met Jonah, his skills in painting, restoring and polishing, along with his good vibes and humor, compliment my own and we became a team and now service a small local fleet. 

Located on a 3 acre permaculture orchard we've started what we call the "VeeDub Day Spa", specializing in the revitalization of the beloved Vanagon.  Whether it be electrical, mechanical, restorative or detailing we take on a multitude of tasks giving these home on wheels all that they deserve. 

We are very excited to offer hightop installations in the Bay Area