North American High Tops


the NAHT top

OK - so I couldn't think of a better name for the top, But, in fact the name pretty well captures exactly what it is.  This top is produced in North America from a new mold, made in North America.

The mold is the first made to produce hightops for the T3 vanagon in the last 25 years.

The tops that we produce from this mold are hand laid for superior strength, durability and light weight.

The NAHT top provides 6'10" of height from floor to "ceiling" . It is a good aerodynamic shape, sheds side winds nicely and when insulated and finished provides  quiet, warm (or cool) additional space - and lots of it - for the vanagon.

Since we introduced the NAHT top in June 2014 we have supplied them to installers from Nova Scotia to California. To date, we have produced close to 50 NAHT tops (47). The tops of the latest production run (March 2015) are currently making their way through the hands of the installer/distributors and onto owners' vans.

The menu buttons at the bottom list images of a number of vans, Those with NAHT are images of vans that are on the road with NAHT tops. As I get more pictures from van owners, I'll be adding to the list