North American High Tops

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The Reedy van

Formerly an AsI /Riviera conversion. Hightop AW top conversion and interior by Joel Lane of Colorado Springs

Hi John and Joel,
We just got back tonight.  The top is magnificent and served us well.  Compared to our old straight up pop-top (that we were very happy with until it blew off), this unit is:  quieter (that was unexpected); we did not lose any gas mileage efficiency; it does not struggle anymore than our old van top in high winds (we had eight hours of 40-50 mph crosswinds yesterday and it did well); and, it is nice to look at (both interior and exterior).
Joel did a great installation.  He was creative in use of materials to blend our old interior to the new top.  He replaced our sun roof over the drivers cab with liner from a Vanagon he salvaged and built a wood floor for the new storage area we now have over the cab.  Joel checked with us each step of the process to assure our decisions were considered.  He is a skilled craftsman and honest.  I would highly recommend him to anyone considering this work.
You may use the photos any way you want, including the Samba.  You may include our contact information for anyone to check with us regarding our experiences with this top and Joel.  This is a great top and Joel Lane is a skilled  installer. 
Thank you for providing this hard to get top!  Phil and Judy Reedy