North American High Tops

Toronto availability and installation.


Unfortunately - I can no longer continue to do installs for free at my Toronto location. I have done so in the past but limitations on my time, being dependant on good weather and some grouchiness from my neighbours preclude this from continuing. 

There are a couple of options available for folks who would be interested in an install in  the Southern Ontario region

1. I have an excellent intstaller for both AW tops and NAHT tops - Adrian VanLoewen - located about 2 1/2 hours East of Toronto. Adrian is not only a great hightop installer, he can also "do it all" WRT vanagons, especially diesel vanagons.His hightop installs are works of art. See the page Southern Ontario installer for more details and pictures 

2. If it can be worked out, I can support a hightop buyer in installing a top at their place rather than my usual "remote" support - this has to be carefully discussed and sorted out WRT space, sequencing and necessary tools etc etc. I will not be doing this for free, but it will be at a good rate.

3. I will continue to have a limited number of NAHT tops available here for distribution for DIY applications