North American High Tops

Toronto availability and installation.


Unfortunately - I can no longer continue to do installs for free at my Toronto location. I have done so in the past but limitations on my time, being dependant on good weather and some grouchiness from my neighbours preclude this from continuing. 

There are a couple of options available for folks who would be interested in an install in  the Southern Ontario region

1. I have an excellent installer for  NAHT tops - Terry Hynes - located about 2  hours North East of Toronto. . See the page Southern Ontario installer for more details and pictures 

2. Terry is developing a protocol wrt hightop installation whereby the bulk of the work on the preparation of the top itself - insulation, lining etc is done prior to the arrival of the van. This will mean a limited time that the van has to be with Terry in Lakefield and may solve many logistical issues for some folks