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Hawaii Hightops


This hightop vanagon will be available to rent on a weekly basis beginning mid June 2016 for camping on the Island of Hawaii - the "Big Island"

Still to be named, it is a 1990 Hightopped vanagon powered by a vw Diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission.

The van will be equipped for camping and will allow those who rent it to enjoy the Island of Hawaii up close and personal.

The rental of the van comes with EXTENSIVE local knowledge of where to go, what to see and where to camp.

If you've ever wanted to try a diesel conversion, or a hightopped van this is an opportunity to do so while enjoying one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth

Initially, we will be doing the booking of the van through this website.  Contact me at 

I'll be adding more information about the entire enterprise in the near future including information about my Hawaiian partner without whom it all would not be possible.

My family and I will be taking the van on its initial tour on Hawaii the last week of December 2015 as a vacation and a "shakedown cruise".  We will be "tuning" the entire van rental package as we use it.

The intention is to have a van ready to be rented and equipped so that renters would only need their clothes and a smile to have a good time

We chose the combination of an engine converted hightopped van - in this case a diesel conversion coupled with an automatic transmission - for reliability, power and ease of operation. The hightop will allow folks to enjoy the cabin of the van clutter free, allow them to stand up in the van at any time and will  keep them warm or cool when camped up.

The conversion of the van to a hightop was done by Justin Hall in Vancouver Wa.

Future plans - at this stage - are to have 3 vans "in the fleet" with two on the road at any one time, the other "in" for cleaning and maintenance. 

At this stage we intend to have all vans with automatic transmissions. We may, in the future, add a manual shift van and make it available for experienced vanagon manual shift drivers.

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The entire initiative to have a hightopped van available for rent on Big Island Hawaii, while it was a good idea, proved to be unworkable given the commitments that my Hawaiian partner and I had,  I had the van shipped and driven back to Ontario where it is now our family favourite.  

The information below is for interest only