North American High Tops

Welcome to North American Hightops

We  provide hightops for VW T3 vans - the vanagon.

Our tops allow the conversion of a T3 vanagon or westy to a hightopped van.

By adding the space and functionality of a hightop it is possible to convert a vanagon into a (relatively) spacious camping / touring vehicle.


The NAHT top

Availability of NAHT Hightops

I will attempt to keep this section as up to date and current as possible. The availability obviously varies as tops are sold or reserved by deposit so if you're considering a hightop, please check regularly

as of May 21 2021

NAHT tops

The below may be of pre pandemic historical interest - plans changed dramatically in Feb 2020 and things have not normalized to date (May 2021)

We were able to ship 30 tops westward late 2020 to Buena Vista Co. (9) Grand Junction Co (2), Salt Lake City (4) Kennewick Wa (7) and Bend Or (8). As of May 21, 2021 the only available tos are in Buena Vista and SLC in very small numbers.

All of the detailed and involved pricing scheme below was scrapped and we reverted to a simple $3200/top (and window set) price.  We have not as yet begun to make plans for a future production run, but we know that the pricing of tops from it will be at least 10% higher to reflect the increase in our production costs especially materials.

Today, Jan 17, 2020, we began a new production run of NAHT tops. The last run of 18 tops was distributed May/June 2019 to Staunton Va, Salt Lake City and Buena Vista Colorado. All were sold by September.

Plans at this stage are to re-supply Staunton Va and a new distributor/installer in Bradenton/Anna Maria Florida with tops mid Febuary 2020 and our installer/distributors in Colorado, Salt Lake City, California and Washington  April/May 2020.

Our production costs are up and the increase has to be passed along unfortunately. The post production selling price of the NAHT top with side window set will be $3400USD. 


Tops that are reserved with deposit prior to the end of the production run will be available at the "old" price of $3200USD. This "production discount" will enable those who KNOW that they want a top to save some money and will allow me to make better decisions re distribution of tops by location. 

I will accept deposits on tops at the "production discount" rate up until the following dates for the following locations:

Tops installed/distributed through Staunton Va or Bradenton Florida : last day for "production discount" is Feb. 29, 2020

Tops installed/distributed through Buena Vista Co, Salt Lake City, Sacramento Ca,Kennewick Wa : Last day for "production discount" is March 31 2020 

Please contact me at for further details if you are interested.

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