North American High Tops

Welcome to North American Hightops

We  provide hightops for VW T3 vans - the vanagon.

Our tops allow the conversion of a T3 vanagon or westy to a hightopped van.

By adding the space and functionality of a hightop it is possible to convert a vanagon into a (relatively) spacious camping / touring vehicle.


The NAHT top

Availability of NAHT Hightops

I will attempt to keep this section as up to date and current as possible. The availability obviously varies as tops are sold or reserved by deposit so if you're considering a hightop, please check regularly

as of May 6,  2022

NAHT tops

We have - as has almost everybody world wide, certainly in North America - been seriously disrupted by the pandemic that we have all been enduring for the past 20 months.  Our supply chain of materials for the production of tops has been either non-existent or unreliable and the costs of materials has "skyrocketed"   For example, one of the key materials that had a former price of $4.00/kg is now priced at $6.83/kg.  My math says that's a 71% increase.  The other materials are also up in price as well - not as dramatically - but none up less than 40%. 

All of this has led us to the inevitable conclusion that the selling price of the NAHT hightops will have to increase significantly if we are to continue to supply the Vanagon community with NAHT hightops for their vans. 

We are beginning a new production run of between 20 and 25 tops, 20 of which are destined to go to the Pacific North West. We anticipate shipping them around the end of May with their arrival in the PNW early June.

The tops from this run will sell for $4500USD (with the window set).  That is our current projected price and at that price we will actually be netting slightly less per top than the previous production run.  The unknown effect of crazy fuel prices that continue to rise and will undoubtably result in "fuel surcharges" for shipping may force a further increase - or the addition of a "shipping charge adjustment" - I certainly hope not, but the production and distribution of NAHT hightops has to be economically viable or it will not continue.


I have dreaded announcing this decision re pricing - I have always tried to make the NAHT tops available at an affordable price. I guess that "affordable" is a relative term.

Another inevitable change is that the vast majority of the tops that are shipped to the PNW will be pre-sold, either by buying them from me for DIY (and picking up at one of the distributors) or by booking an install - with deposit - with one of our installers. 

Please contact me at for further details if you are interested.

I have updated information wrt  several of our installers.  If you are in "the East"  you may want to check out the link in the index table to "Southern Ontario Installer for an imminent install "window" opportunity based on "last production run" price