North American High Tops

Welcome to North American Hightops

We  provide hightops for VW T3 vans - the vanagon.

Our tops allow the conversion of a T3 vanagon or westy to a hightopped van.

By adding the space and functionality of a hightop it is possible to convert a vanagon into a (relatively) spacious camping / touring vehicle.


The AdventureWagen Top


The NAHT top

We make and provide two hightop versions. Our NAHT top is made from a new mold while the iconic AdventureWagen top is made from the original AdventureWagen molds that we modernized and refurbished. (***** see note below wrt AW molds and tops)

We hope that the provision of these tops will enable the enjoyment, use and longevity of one of the most versatile vehicles ever produced - the VW T3 vanagon.

Availability of Hightops

I will attempt to keep this section as up to date and current as possible. The availability obviously varies as tops are sold or reserved by deposit so if you're considering a hightop, please check regularly

as of June 16 2019

NAHT tops

NAHT hightops will be delivered to the midWest area mid June 2019 

As of June 2, 2019

Tops will be available in Buena Vista Colorado ( 4 tops delivered, 3 available) and Salt Lake City Utah (5 tops delivered, 2 available)

Staunton Va. 1 top available

Chester Basin Nova Scotia 1 top available

The NAHT tops sell for $3200 USD and come with a side window set.

We modernized the original molds  to eliminate the need for proprietary windows and skylight.

Unfortunately we have found that there is a basic design flaw in the original AW top that results in long term water infiltration. 

Until we are able to solve this design problem, we will not be producing tops from the AW molds.